Our Story

Hi, I'm Kelly! I love hiking, nordic skiing, podcasts, all things Vermont, and needlepoint of course. I began needlepointing in 2018 after drooling over canvases for too long when a crafty aunt-of-sorts gifted me her fiber stash. I bought my first canvas in Dorset, Vermont. Maria, the shop owner, taught me how to stitch. I immediately wanted to paint a canvas and did so a few months later.

What's in a name? Alice was my grandmother's best friend who was "Auntie Alice" to my mom. My middle name comes from her. She needlepointed and cross-stitched. My mom recently gave me a rusty tin of in-progress embroidery that belonged to her and I played around with when I was little. Vintage! Blue was my trail name on the Appalachian Trail in 2012. I think of Blue as my adventurous, free-spirited alter ego/other half. The combination of the two felt fitting. 

Questions? Please reach out!
xo Kelly