What is needlepoint?

Needlepoint is an ancient form of embroidery that is having a contemporary resurgence. Anyone can do it. It's therapeutic, relaxing, and an excellent excuse to put your phone down. Maybe best of all, you can throw it in your bag and bring it basically anywhere.  

Sunny stitching in San Diego.

What do I need to get started?

Pick out a canvas and coordinating fibers (or a kit where everything will be included in a bundle!). Fibers are the threads used to needlepoint. These range from 100% wool, to silk and wool blends, to the floss you used to make friendship bracelets with. It all depends on the look you're going for and how much you want to spend! Fibers are included in kits or you can pick them out at your local needlepoint shop or order online. I prefer Silk & Ivory and Planet Earth fibers. Other necessary equipment: A pair of embroidery scissors (even nail clippers work), an tapestry needle (the ones with the big eye), and your favorite music, podcast, or show to set the scene.

You've got this - our "How to Needlepoint" insert comes with every order!

What is finishing?

Once a canvas is complete - every stitch in it's place - the canvas is ready for finishing into a functional item. The possibilities are endless and could include pillows, clutches, ornaments, dog collars, magnets, and more. If you're crafty, this can be done at home, but I recommend sending away for finishing or doing so at your local needlepoint shop. Refer to the "Retailers" tab if you need recommendations for finishers.


YouTube has lots of excellent stitching and self-finishing tutorials but if you're totally new, please reach out and I'm happy to fill in the gaps. Let's get stitching!

What is your shipping process?

Alice & Blue ships primarily via USPS Flat Rate and Priority Mail for several reasons. The packaging is made of post-consumer or recyclable materials, shipping is fast, and packages are insured to a certain amount. Once a package leaves my possession I have no control over it but am happy to work with you to try to track down a delayed or missing shipment. Shipping is available to Australia, Canada, and Europe via Priority Mail as well.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the hand-painted nature of needlepoint canvas, each piece may vary slightly and returns/refunds are not possible. If you are not satisfied with a product, please be in touch and we can figure it out!