Alice & Blue Needlepoint Designs

Today is a great day to start your needlepoint adventure


Labor of Love

On the Go

Needlepoint travels fabulously and is an excellent way to pass the time. Bring it on your travels to commemorate a vacation or special time in your life. A large plastic zip-loc will hold and protect your project and fit perfectly in a tote.

Hi, I'm New Here

Anyone can needlepoint! Peruse our beginner projects get started. A "How to Needlepoint" handout is included with every kit! Once you get the hang of it, needlepoint is very meditative and an excellent stress reliever. Plus, you get to be productive while watching your favorite shows.

Passing the Time

Orts are the leftover fiber ends that accumulate while working on a project. Many stitchers keep these in a jar (here's mine!) and fill clear Christmas ornaments with them each year.